10 days in

StarTurn’s World

Ok so it’s 10 days since I was last here. Woz happening then?  Loads! Run a Club Acoustica  with the fabulous Deputies, can’t believe they played almost two hours non-stop, that’s a set and a half  but the audience didn’t want them to stop. Attended 5 fabulous bound fitness sessions (which included dragging a tyre around Richmond Park. In the process, have burned a day’s worth of calories – begging the question: so why am I still not size zero?!).

Moving on…had a social/biz moment with one of StarTurn’s fab artistes, Reuben, to discuss our most recent client’s forthcoming wedding. Nice to get the chance to have a bite to eat and a chat too.  We’d be great on the front line as everything is planned with military precision, though of course on the day the timings will no doubt go a little awry – they always do at weddings, great then  that we know to expect the unexpected and are always flexible!

Attended a great networking event at ‘The Best of’ and met a fabulous man with an interesting talent – handwriting analysis.  He must have had a field day with mine!  I was pleased to hear he would have been most concerned had my writing been neat and tidy – phew!  So that’s a new artiste for StarTurn then!  A great idea as an attraction for your corporate exhibition stand or something a bit different for your parties and events. Adam loves to do social events to get him away from the serious nature of his usual forensic work for the police! I can’t believe what he knew about me from writing down just one word – spookily correct too!

Wanted to go and see the fabulous Blue Veronicas but had to meet with a client. Vicki has such an amazing spine-tingling voice that I never get bored of.  Been a roadie for the night for the very talented, one man, one guitar, many voices, countless songs, David Ellis Wright – thank goodness he’s a singer and guitarist and not a drummer.  He rocked and rolled at the Up ‘n’ Under and was the pass master at ensuring he had the right sounds for the audience, they were loving it!  Helped out at The Orange Tree Theatre on a charity fund-raising night for Breast Cancer – amazing comedy from the Funny Women team, with the funds raised coordinated by The New Victoria Medical Foundation.

And in between? Busy working on the new website, studying the maze that’s social media, and trying to find the right path. Had a  record day’s worth of enquiries. Changed the RAM in my laptop – wooo hooo. Done much thinking on how to make the new website nice and easy for clients.  Doesn’t  seem that much when you look at it but it generally keeps me on the go non-stop from early morn to late night.

Anyway, time  for bed as early start tomorrow at the Grapevine networking event (7am – argh!!) and tomorrow I WILL find time to sort out that iPhone, buy some food, do my ironing, finish my social media course and soon be twittering like mad! Maybe the mad is not such a good idea!


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