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We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve hidden Elvis!

July 19, 2010

Elvis is in the building!

Why would you use an entertainment agency like StarTurn to find and book artists? Isn’t it going to cost you less to book direct?  Well not necessarily.  An agency usually negotiates good prices for you and provides extra safeguards you may not even have considered, plus you get heaps of free advice!

First off you have to find the right artist.  What exactly is it you are seeking that will make your event memorable, and keep everyone talking about it for months afterwards? Where and how will you find artists?  How will you know whether the artist is reliable, and has a good track record? How much are you looking to spend on your entertainment? What paperwork will you need to make sure your artist turns up and performs as required?  What considerations need to be given regards the venue, sound and lighting equipment? What should a contract with the artist look like? What back-up plans are there? Is equipment PAT tested and does the artist/agency have insurance? (more…)