Wedding entertainment Ideas

Getting your wedding entertainment right

Very few days in your life will be as thought through as your wedding day. From the time, and how, you will arrive at the chosen ceremony venue, to the formations for the photographs, the food and decorations on the table, through to the honeymoon night and transfers to your honeymoon holiday.

The forward planning that goes into your big day is phenomenal and often as intense as planning a military campaign! A major challenge, not to forget, and with so many guests to consider, is entertainment that will suit everyone’s taste, and fit the theme of your day. Getting this right takes some doing!

To make things a little easier we’ve broken the day into separate sections with what we hope are useful ideas – we hope you’ll like them.

The ceremony

The ceremony marks the arrival of your new life. Many choose to enter the venue in a blaze of glory. If you’d like to shout from the rooftops about your nuptials, then a full-blown steel orchestra is a great way to get your guests as excited as you. If you’re seeking something more subtle and sophisticated then, perhaps a string quartet, harpist or classical guitarist may fit the bill – or even a nice bit of opera singing! A lovely pianist or organist also adds a touch of class – all can create an uplifting atmosphere.

The paperwork

Signing the register can be a fairly lengthy process. So that guests don’t get bored and fidgety, gain their attention with a musical diversion, such as a lovely aria (or two often!) by a top quality soprano or tenor. Or a lovely joyous string quartet, harpist or oboe trio.

The reception and wedding breakfast

There are lots of choices when it comes to the reception: sophisticated jazz, a string quartet, cocktail piano or maybe even a bit of Buble-esque showbiz swing? The reception provides the perfect opportunity to create a relaxed atmosphere for your guests to chat, get to know each other and enjoy some eating and drinking. Sometimes additional entertainment, such as magician or face painting is a good idea to keep younger guests entertained during the proceedings.

The party

This is your chance to really stamp your personality on the big day. Whether you go suave and sophisticated, want some rock and roll or would like to create a Latin and salsa vibe, the party is all about what you most enjoy – having a good time, and for the day to be remembered! Have a good think about what you listen to at home, it may be that a tribute band or a ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s or ‘80s theme is your thing, but do remember too that you need to give some consideration to the age range of your guests – find something that suits everyone.

If you decide on a live band, ensure they are good with audience participation to really get your guests mixing together and dancing their socks off. A variation on the live band theme is live karaoke with a live band – not for the faint–hearted and you need some outgoing guests to make this one fly! The possibilities are endless – but make sure your day is even more memorable through stunning entertainment and you’ll ensure that you turn a good time into a great time!


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