Now that’s wedding magic!

Top tips to consider when hiring a wedding magician

StarTurn interviews award-winning London Magician and Surrey close-up champion Theo the Magician

What advice do you have for couples thinking about hiring a wedding magician?

“Well first of all, and most importantly, you need to make sure that your magician is accredited and has membership of recognised professional bodies such as: The Magic Circle, The International Brotherhood of Magicians or Equity.

If you are planning on a wedding magician to entertain children then it is also vital that your magician has been validated by the criminal record bureau, known in the trade as being CRB checked.

It’s also worth checking that the magician, or agent you book through, has public liability insurance.  You should also get evidence that you are booking a working magician. You can check out the magician’s recent engagements through blogs, twitter and facebook and have a look at the testimonials on their web site.  If in doubt, you can always ask to speak to a former client and get a direct and personal testimonial.”

The magic Circle's logo

Ensure your magician is accredited

How long would a wedding magician typically perform for, and at which stages of the wedding would you recommend the performances?

“Ideal times are during the drinks reception and when the photos are being taken as there is often a lot of hanging around so it’s good to keep people entertained and upbeat.

I would also recommend magic in between the courses of the wedding breakfast being served, never when people are eating though as they need to enjoy their meal!

Also that time you often get at weddings, the lull between the afternoon and evening activities starting.

If there are lots of children at the wedding, I’d also recommend taking them off to a separate room and putting on a special show for them during the speeches so the adults can enjoy the speeches in peace and the speechmakers have a little more freedom with their stories!”

Keeping the children entertained

Keeping the children entertained

Are there any special considerations when booking a wedding magician?

“I have been asked to perform at wedding receptions where the guests were so packed in at the tables that there just wasn’t room to walk around without bumping into the waiters and waitresses.  So do make sure you’ve actually got enough room for everyone to be comfortable with a performer moving around.

For a wedding it has to be close-up magic, an illusionist just wouldn’t work; a wedding isn’t a stage show so keep it close and personal.”

Table Magic

Theo in action at the tables

What makes a good wedding magician?

“Someone who has an outgoing and gregarious personality and is good at getting people involved.  Also someone who has the ability to spot the people who don’t know too many other guests at the wedding and can bring them together for a trick or two so that when you leave them they are then talking like they were old friends!

The magic has given them something to talk about and has given them common ground to get a conversation flowing. So in short, the ideal wedding magician is hospitable, fun, laid back and friendly.”

wedding magician

Theo - a fine wedding magician

What’s your favourite magic trick for a wedding?

“I love to do tricks where I can involve lots of people around the table, rather than those where you just work with one person at a time.”

wedding magician

Theo's hot!

How do you keep children entertained around the tables and when you perform a special children only show?

“When I am walking around the tables I try to make sure the children are involved in a game or, if there is enough room, get them involved in making balloon models. I also do “story magic”, card tricks that involve a story, for example the teddy bear’s picnic….  during the story telling the teddies disappear from the cards and magically reappear later in the story!

If I am doing a special children’s show, in another room at the venue, then its balloon modelling, and things with lots of big and colourful objects.  But the biggest hit of all is definitely the plate spinning because the kids can all get involved simultaneously, they just love it!

An added benefit is that after the show the parents often want to buy the plates so that the children can continue with their new found skills and keep themselves entertained – double-whammy value!”

Wedding Magician

Theo and the kids' plate-spinning

What’s your funniest wedding moment?

“I used to go out with the bride – no seriously…. I did a wedding at Christmas and after doing the close-up magic I had to make myself disappear and come back later dressed as Father Christmas and give out gifts to all the children!”

A fact about yourself that may surprise people?

“Oh blimey, there’s a load of things – I could fill several books! I was born the same day as Elvis (8th January) but not the same year of course! I used teach disabled people to water ski and played basketball for Great Britain. I also used to coach a ladies basketball team!

Oh yes, and I taught Des O’Connor and Melanie Sykes to spin plates live on their TV show! The list is endless….”

Theo sure is magic!


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