A little tweet goes a long way – StarTurn’s social media triumph

When the Group Marketing Manager of Morley Stores wanted to arrange a spectacular Christmas Party and Shopping day at flagship Store Elys in Wimbledon in November 2011, a little tweet from StarTurn Entertainment caught his attention.  And so began a series of meets, at our favourite coffee emporium Cafe Nero (the one in Elys), where together we plotted and planned a spectacular day.

Silent Body Language

Our first meeting way back in July explored ideas for the types of entertainment that would grab the attention and enthrall Elys customers. It was clear that Elys wanted something different to their earlier events. So first up on the rota was the amazing graphologist (hand writing analyst) Adam Brand.  Adam would debonairly stroll around the store and engage customers in conversation.  There is nothing people like better than to find out about themselves and handwriting is your silent body language.  On the day Adam performed for well over five hours and literally had to be dragged away to take a break as he loves his work so much!  Here’s a taster of Adam in action.

Drumming up trade

Whilst there was lots of promotion around the Elys event – everything from leaflets, adverts and social media – a big, noisy impact on the day outside the store would help.  So we decided to quite literally ‘drum up trade’ with a group of colourful, West African style drummers, which included the lovely Louis ex of the show StompAfrica Junction made a great impact with 30 minute drumming slots throughout the afternoon – their excitement and energy certainly drew the required attention.

Not just for the children

Next on the rota were the hugely talented face painters and airbrush tattooists, Strawberry Studio, who kept hundreds of children entertained with their new animal and flower looks.  Not only the children but some of the parents too!  With a zillion face paints and the airbrush tattoo equipment the Strawberry Studio girls worked non-stop for three hours, managing only a swift slurp of tea from time to time!

Balloon Twiddling from the master (or rather mistress!)

Having now supplied three artistes the question arose “do you have a balloon twiddler?”  Well!  We didn’t just have any old  ‘balloon twiddler’ we had what has to be the UKs (am tempted to say the World’s!)  most amazing balloon entertainer and modeller going – Miss Ballooniverse! Not only is she gorgeousness itself, in every sense,  (likened to Nigella Lawson – though a pettite version, and Dita von Teese – the famous burlesque performer), she worked her little Christmas booties off for over four hours with minuscule little breaks to get between the different floors. She enthralled children and adults alike with her stunning creations.  Here’s me in one of them (Miss B took this photo of me – is there no end to her talents?!) and there’s a short video of Miss B in action too!

StarTurn's founder, Caroline Geraerts

Made of stone?

Last but not least to add the final pazzaz to the Elys entertainment were two living statues, strategically placed at the entrance to the store, from Mechanical Fracture.  It was touch and go whether one, local hero, Matt, would make it, having taken an almighty tumble on his racing bike a week or so before!  But like all StarTurn’s artistes, he’s dedicated to the point of obsession and whilst he arrived on crutches and had to be helped onto his plinth by fellow statue Carrie, nobody would ever have known he was at that time rather badly hurt!  People were truly intrigued and couldn’t work out whether the statues were really people or not, especially the children.  The look on faces when they got a gentle tap on the head or arm was priceless. Nice touch with the Elys branding for ‘Scrooge and Marley’ too!

So not only did Elys get stunning performers from StarTurn for their spectacular event, they also gained an extra member to their team. Caroline worked with military precision to make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be – right time, right place – and worked hard to promote the event, gaining  Elys some nice press coverage too. You can check out the press coverage and some photos here.

And what did our client think of the day?

“It was our best event yet….the day was a real success!” And StarTurn?  Proud or what! Truly honoured to work with such talented and lovely artistes!  Five months planning paid off! Here’s a lovely little compilation video of the day to round of this blog, with thanks to Angelo and Adeeb for their great video work. Am thrilled I can spot a lovely smiley client in it too!….

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