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A little tweet goes a long way – StarTurn’s social media triumph

December 4, 2011

When the Group Marketing Manager of Morley Stores wanted to arrange a spectacular Christmas Party and Shopping day at flagship Store Elys in Wimbledon in November 2011, a little tweet from StarTurn Entertainment caught his attention.  And so began a series of meets, at our favourite coffee emporium Cafe Nero (the one in Elys), where together we plotted and planned a spectacular day. (more…)

Now that’s wedding magic!

July 18, 2011

Top tips to consider when hiring a wedding magician

StarTurn interviews award-winning London Magician and Surrey close-up champion Theo the Magician

What advice do you have for couples thinking about hiring a wedding magician?

“Well first of all, and most importantly, you need to make sure that your magician is accredited and has membership of recognised professional bodies such as: The Magic Circle, The International Brotherhood of Magicians or Equity.

If you are planning on a wedding magician to entertain children then it is also vital that your magician has been validated by the criminal record bureau, known in the trade as being CRB checked. (more…)

Hiring a band for a wedding? Top tips.

June 6, 2011

Undercover in Entertainment by StarTurn

Things to think about for your wedding day entertainment

How do you make your wedding band memorable for you and your guests, and keep them talking about it for months afterwards? StarTurn talks to the experienced, and multi-talented, Heidi McCaffrey where she reveals her top tips when choosing a wedding band and gives an insight into her band’s success. (more…)

Thinking about having the ivories tinkled on your wedding day?

May 9, 2011

Top tips to consider when hiring a wedding pianist

Piano music provides an evocative backdrop for your guests as they gather for the ceremony and is the perfect accompaniment for any wedding breakfast. StarTurn interviews its premier pianist, Sue Busby and picks her brain on her top tips to turn your wedding day from a good time to a great time…..

What advice do you have for couples thinking about hiring a wedding pianist? (more…)

StarTurn ‘rabbits’ with Gordon Bennett

April 23, 2011

StarTurn interviews its newest artist, leading international cockney entertainer, Gordon Bennett,  This is Gordon’s busiest time of year, the period around,  and including, St Georges Day – 23rd April. People all over the world become strangely nostalgic and patriotic for things English. They often love to have a good old sing-along and knee’s up too, and who better than Gordon to lead them and get the audience involved. If you want to book cockney entertainment for your St George’s day celebrations then you’d need to book Gordon at least a year in advance. Although any time is a celebration with Gordon Bennett!

Ever wondered what inspires someone to become a cockney entertainer – lets see what makes Gordon tick……

Why did you choose to become a cockney entertainer? (more…)

Wedding entertainment Ideas

April 16, 2011

Getting your wedding entertainment right

Very few days in your life will be as thought through as your wedding day. From the time, and how, you will arrive at the chosen ceremony venue, to the formations for the photographs, the food and decorations on the table, through to the honeymoon night and transfers to your honeymoon holiday.

The forward planning that goes into your big day is phenomenal and often as intense as planning a military campaign! A major challenge, not to forget, and with so many guests to consider, is entertainment that will suit everyone’s taste, and fit the theme of your day. Getting this right takes some doing!

To make things a little easier we’ve broken the day into separate sections with what we hope are useful ideas – we hope you’ll like them. (more…)

Season’s Greetings

December 23, 2010

StarTurn’s Christmas Wishes for you

Filmed today at St Paul’s Cathedral in London this is my video Christmas Card to you – have a wonderful time! If you listen carefully you may just hear me joining in with the fabulous choir……

Please watch until the end when you’ll see the dove of peace flying by the dome, although it was probably a pigeon!

Here’s to a peaceful, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year – see you in 2011.

Steel Yourself – it’s Christmas!

December 13, 2010

A steel band isn’t just for the summer!

It seemed slightly incongruous, on a cold December evening, to be heading off to Norwood, London, to listen to a steel band – well a steel orchestra to be precise! Shouldn’t I be wearing cool Caribbean garb instead of winter clothes?

The BT Melodians
Steelpan “ambassador” Terry Noel, set up the orchestra, the BT Melodians 23 years ago. Since then the orchestra has played all over the world, frequently for high-ranking dignitaries (QE2 for example!), prime ministers, at embassies and for the public too. In the summer the Melodians engagement’s included playing a concert with an army band, at Kneller Hall in Twickenham, the home to the Royal Military School of Music. (more…)

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve hidden Elvis!

July 19, 2010

Elvis is in the building!

Why would you use an entertainment agency like StarTurn to find and book artists? Isn’t it going to cost you less to book direct?  Well not necessarily.  An agency usually negotiates good prices for you and provides extra safeguards you may not even have considered, plus you get heaps of free advice!

First off you have to find the right artist.  What exactly is it you are seeking that will make your event memorable, and keep everyone talking about it for months afterwards? Where and how will you find artists?  How will you know whether the artist is reliable, and has a good track record? How much are you looking to spend on your entertainment? What paperwork will you need to make sure your artist turns up and performs as required?  What considerations need to be given regards the venue, sound and lighting equipment? What should a contract with the artist look like? What back-up plans are there? Is equipment PAT tested and does the artist/agency have insurance? (more…)

10 days in

February 3, 2010

StarTurn’s World

Ok so it’s 10 days since I was last here. Woz happening then?  Loads! Run a Club Acoustica  with the fabulous Deputies, can’t believe they played almost two hours non-stop, that’s a set and a half  but the audience didn’t want them to stop. Attended 5 fabulous bound fitness sessions (which included dragging a tyre around Richmond Park. In the process, have burned a day’s worth of calories – begging the question: so why am I still not size zero?!). (more…)